Will YOU Take the Challenge!

SAA Corporation is Ray Levy and Robert Heald. We have been around for a while. Located in Seattle Washington, we provide personal  computer support and tailored software development to clients throughout the Puget Sound region.

We are veteran computer professionals who take pride in knowing how to straighten out even the most knotted computer systems.

We specialize in Intuit QuickBooks, Great Plains Accounting and UA Corporate Accounting software, and in making the two applications work for our small and medium size business clients. Using Microsoft Access and SQL, we write custom applications that let our clients do more with whatever accounting software they use than they ever could before. 

We are proud of our work and we know we have created the BEST public or private sector Payroll module ever.  We developed it using Microsoft Access and SQL Server!

Designed for the Paymaster who needs hands-on control of ALL aspects of their payroll environment, and the Microsoft Access and SQL database developer who just needs a payroll that works, we repeat: SAA Payroll is the MOST flexible and configurable payroll processing program EVER!

Using a painstakingly woven fabric of Templates and Wizards, SAA Payroll is infinitely configurable and lets the Paymaster add any information that meets the specific needs of his or her own industry or business environment. With sophisticated self checking algorithms constantly generating an extremely detailed audit trail, SAA Payroll let's you make a change, check the relationships and results and adjust that change to most accurately reflect your own unique payroll needs. 

SAA Payroll lets you import Tax Rate tables and other external data and lets you generate the reports you need to provide to external regulatory  organizations. SAA Payroll also exports data into many of the most popular Accounting, Resource Management and Human Resource packages in use.

But that's not all! SAA Payroll does a whole lot more.

In fact, when it comes to complicated pay calculations, including multi-state, FICA, Holiday and Hours Banking, we have yet to have someone ask us have SAA Payroll do something it can't!

Try us ... We Challenge You !!

2400 NW 80th Street, #215

Seattle, WA  98117

(206) 949-4153, (206) 949-4154